Bits of inspiration

Every artist needs to take a field trip now and then. I love to go to Japanese stores like Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ. So much fun packaging design! I find myself wanting to buy things that I would likely never use-purely for the cuteness factor!


While staying at a friend's beach house in Asbury Park, I also fell in love with these ABSOLUTELY gorgeous floor tiles! Who couldn't love bunnies in blue and white?!? And yes, those are my (very) tanned tootsies in the shot. (broken pinky toe included). I will have to look at this in the dead of winter when I am as pale as a lump of dough. :)


Princeton University's Cotsen Children's Library LOVES The Grumpy Pets!

What a delight to get an email this week from Dana Sheridan-the Education & Outreach Coordinator of the Cotsen Children’s Library at Princeton University. She featured The Grumpy Pets on the creative literacy blog-as well as a SUPER fun & creative craft project-where she turned paper cups into grumpy pets! Love it! Here's a photo of the finished craft project, a photo of Dana (awesome pic) and the link to the blog!

Eloise exhibit at NY Historical Society

This show was definitely a highlight this summer. So cute!!!

Props to the exhibit designer. Well done!

Had no idea that the Plaza Hotel capitalized so much on this book in it's heyday. And so adorable was the children's menu. Those prices!!!

I never knew the back story between the author and illustrator. Wow! I won't spoil it for anyone, but!