studio mix

Been busy working on the book but recently took some snaps of my studio (and my sweet Boo) for a special project. My work is going to be featured in an upcoming artist book. Yay! More details to come! Guess that gives me a good reason to tidy up a bit. PS-pardon the messy hair but it’s not easy to get a shot with this cat! :)


Summer loving'–part 2

I always walk away from summer kicking and screaming. The weather was off to a rocky start this season so I did my best to make up for it with as many trips to the pool and beach as possible. I enjoyed the local outdoor concerts under the stars, hanging with friends on the patio, cackling over David Sedaris' "Calypso", taking an inspiring online class and finally-riding a 6ft inflatable alligator in the ocean. That was an unexpected post Labor Day purchase down in Spring Lake. Yes, I am seven.