start of the holidays

Was in the city this week and the festivities are already starting. Sipped a fun cocktail called “Sage Advice” which is gin, sparkling wine, sage and grapefruit. Had fun catching up with a friend and looking at some of the stores on 5th Ave. The tree at Rockefeller still had scaffolding, but the lighting is next week. Today is Thanksgiving-or as I like to think of it-one last day before utter chaos. :) Cheers!


studio mix

Been busy working on the book but recently took some snaps of my studio (and my sweet Boo) for a special project. My work is going to be featured in an upcoming artist book. Yay! More details to come! Guess that gives me a good reason to tidy up a bit. PS-pardon the messy hair but it’s not easy to get a shot with this cat! :)