On books...

Publishing can be a bit of a mystery. You create these books, work on them for a year or so-laboring over every detail and then wait as they are sent overseas to be printed and eventually released a year later. You hope for good reviews and aside from promoting the heck out of them and doing as many events as possible (I also plaster car magnets on my Jetta), they are basically out of your control. Not always easy.

Yesterday I was in the local bookstore and spotted my second book "The Grumpy Pets" and was delighted to see that not only was it in its third printing, but the back now had the New York Times blurb added onto it! Made me smile.

back cover of The Grumpy Pets 3rd printing

back cover of The Grumpy Pets 3rd printing

It's been a good month for this book. A few weeks ago I was tagged by a librarian in Texas with this news:

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 7.11.18 AM.png

It's one thing to get a review, but to have the children love your book is really what this is all about. It's easy to get caught up in the business of things but this is the good stuff.


Princeton Children's Book Festival!

It was another great event down in Princeton! The organizers are so wonderful and welcoming to all the authors. It is so much fun to meet everyone and talk shop in between signing books. I suppose the surprise of the day was selling out of Lovey Bunny. She is in her second year and going strong! A few people came by to tell me how much their daughters loved that book and how they met me the year before. So sweet. The Grumpy Pets also did well but for some reason, Lovey still outsold it. I even made special Grumpy bubbles for the kids!!! They threw a lovely party for all of us afterwards and we sold something like 73k in books in just 4 hours! Crazy! :)