On books...

Publishing can be a bit of a mystery. You create these books, work on them for a year or so-laboring over every detail and then wait as they are sent overseas to be printed and eventually released a year later. You hope for good reviews and aside from promoting the heck out of them and doing as many events as possible (I also plaster car magnets on my Jetta), they are basically out of your control. Not always easy.

Yesterday I was in the local bookstore and spotted my second book "The Grumpy Pets" and was delighted to see that not only was it in its third printing, but the back now had the New York Times blurb added onto it! Made me smile.

back cover of The Grumpy Pets 3rd printing

back cover of The Grumpy Pets 3rd printing

It's been a good month for this book. A few weeks ago I was tagged by a librarian in Texas with this news:

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 7.11.18 AM.png

It's one thing to get a review, but to have the children love your book is really what this is all about. It's easy to get caught up in the business of things but this is the good stuff.


Newburyport Literary Festival!!!

Beyond excited to head to Newburyport, Mass in a few weeks. I lived there about 13 years ago and have many fond memories of this charming, coastal town. So honored to be a part of their literary festival and SO SO excited to meet author Andre Dubus III among others. Should be a fun weekend! :) I'll be doing an reading/activity on Saturday morning with The Grumpy Pets.

New York Public Library visit and some Garment District inspiration!

Last week I met up with MG author Victoria J. Coe in Bryant Park. I illustrated her adorable debut book "Fenway and Hattie" a few years ago and we have kept in touch via Instagram and Twitter. It's always nice to meet fellow authors and after lunch, we headed over to the New York Public Library to check out the children's department and get a photo with her book. 

I went over to the picture book shelves and spotted a copy of The Grumpy Pets. So cool to see! I like seeing the book with all the markings of a book that has been handled by little hands. 

One of the librarians indulged us with taking pictures. And of course, I had to visit the Winnie the Pooh animals at the entrance. Love them!!!

Earlier that day, I walked along the busy streets of the garment district and dipped in and out of trimmings shops, fabric stores and other trade spots. So much fun. I could look at all those candy colored zippers and buttons all day! 

Did you see that teeny cop car? I could hug it! I left the district with one perfectly hued cafe au lait rmaribou boa, which I will snip up and add (judiciously) to a strappy sandal for warmer weather. Saved about 700 bucks on that move! (Champagne taste, beer budget as always)