Lovey Bunny makes a library TOP 10! Whoo-hoo

My first book got some love from a librarian in Michigan. It is so nice to see that kids are checking my book out. Lovey is like my "Little Engine that Could"; (albeit a bit of a sales mystery) -with two retail seasons in Target, three printings and an upcoming board book version launching later this year. But you have to celebrate all the little milestones. :)


Every year my friends and I gather to paint eggs. I usually do my standard pink and green florals but this year, I decided to mis it up. I had fun, but since I ruined more than half my eggs in the boiling process, I only had a few to decorate. I went with the animal theme--in gouache--which wasn't the best of ideas. They were a gummy mess after a night in the fridge.

A kinder, more loving nation.

No matter what your political affiliation, I think we can all agree that no child needs to live in fear because of their race, religion or orientation. We must focus on being a kinder, more loving nation...

This piece was part of a movement by creators in the kid lit community. The safety pin sends a message to kids that they are safe from the bullying that is going on.