a little DIY on a snowy day...

I'm no good with cabin fever. I head out to walk every day no matter what the weather. But just one mile into my walk, the snow turned to rain and soaked through all my clothes. I came home and hung every layer over the radiator (they DO serve other purposes!) and began to clean house. Then, as I was about to put my new red shoes in the closet, I began to ponder how plain they were. How painfully PLAIN. I've always loved the simplicity of Kate Spade's shoes but each pair has special little embellishments that take them from plan to fun. I've been saving broken bits of jewelry, beads and paillettes for the past few years-no quite knowing how I would eventually use them, but then it was clear!!!

So, I made this little graphic to show before and after. So fun. Went out Thursday and wore them with ripped jeans. Lots of eyes on them. Total budget: about 25 bucks!!!