experimenting with color, mood and texture

I am always creating images for my Instagram account (when too busy i post older work) but this morning began with the usual warmup for the day--playing around with illustrated bits I've created in the past and moving elements around/altering color to evoke mood. I would love for my next book to be in this vein. Here are two recent pieces...

experimental mediums

I've been playing a lot this summer--indoors and out. I have been tethered to the computer too much with the last two books and really want to find my way back to creating more by hand. All my illustrations are hand drawn and often painted, but the real magic happens once i scan into the computer. But I feel like i lose something by relying so much on the computer. I created this piece with pencil and watercolor and only used a teeny bit of PS to lay in some extra texture. It feels a lot more handcrafted to me with those irregular watercolor blobs and unretouched pencil marks. What do you think?

Mood-using watercolors to create different tones

I've got a lot of time for creative work these days since I'm on crutches and there is only so much tv i can stand. I propped my ankle up on the table and began to paint. I put down some simple washes to see what little surprises I got with this medium. Little blossoms and those irregular bits you get with watercolor made for some interesting landscapes. I like how the second one looks  like a beach dune. And the cityscape on the bottom one has a ghosted feel. Just little experiments...but they were fun.