Summer loving'–part 2

I always walk away from summer kicking and screaming. The weather was off to a rocky start this season so I did my best to make up for it with as many trips to the pool and beach as possible. I enjoyed the local outdoor concerts under the stars, hanging with friends on the patio, cackling over David Sedaris' "Calypso", taking an inspiring online class and finally-riding a 6ft inflatable alligator in the ocean. That was an unexpected post Labor Day purchase down in Spring Lake. Yes, I am seven.


fun weekend in Brooklyn!

Spent the weekend with my buddy Allyn in Brooklyn this weekend. She lives in a new neighborhood-Ditmas Park-so different from Carroll Gardens where she lived for over 20 years.

We had fun exploring all the tree lined streets and big homes including Michelle Williams new mansion that was completely renovated. I need to find a pic of it... And of course, we found a fun spot called Sycamore where we shared some cocktails and laughs.

Anyway! Great fun. Always thankful for my sweet friends. 



Had my annual portfolio day in Manhattan yesterday. Always so fun to see all the other writers and illustrators in one place! I enjoyed chatting with friends and also looking out from the 16th floor windows while waiting to see different publishers. I could look out the windows all day. The clouds were amazing and constantly changing- and it is so cool to see the tops of buildings you can't see from the street. Here are a few pics.

And of course we celebrated after the event!