Summer 2019 Part 1

No secret that I LOVE summer! I have been having the best time with friends-from outdoor concerts and trips to the beach to watercolors by the pool, reading, cheering on 2 different friend’s new books and just lots of time creating, writing and hanging with good people. We are a little more than halfway through—and I am so busy working on a new business idea (more to come on that!) but I am still planning on more fun ahead. :)


Matisse Workshop!

Taught a workshop last weekend called "Painting with Scissors"-which ties into the wonderful show going on now at the Montclair Art Museum. If you are a Matisse fan, you MUST go! In addition to many originals, the show also has numerous works of artists who were inspired by Matisse. So gorgeous! 

We had a great group and I was so impressed with what each person created! And of course, I just had to take a group pic! :)