Newburyport Literary Festival!!!

Beyond excited to head to Newburyport, Mass in a few weeks. I lived there about 13 years ago and have many fond memories of this charming, coastal town. So honored to be a part of their literary festival and SO SO excited to meet author Andre Dubus III among others. Should be a fun weekend! :) I'll be doing an reading/activity on Saturday morning with The Grumpy Pets.

A kinder, more loving nation.

No matter what your political affiliation, I think we can all agree that no child needs to live in fear because of their race, religion or orientation. We must focus on being a kinder, more loving nation...

This piece was part of a movement by creators in the kid lit community. The safety pin sends a message to kids that they are safe from the bullying that is going on. 

Trick or Treat!!!!!

I just adore Halloween! The cool air, the colorful leaves, the costumes! Oh...and the candy--even though i am not supposed to eat it. ha! I created this piece a few years ago but it brings back the warmest memories of running through neighbors yards to ring the doorbell and choose from an offering of kit-kats, butterfingers, m$m's and sometimes those rare popcorn balls wrapped in special black cat paper. I can almost smell the smoky night air...