Last night was the annual fireworks show in my town. I almost didn't was a hot and humid day here in the Northeast and I was a little too comfy in the AC at home. But then my friend simply wrote "C'mon. It's summer and it's tradition!". So, I put on some shoes and headed out. So glad I did! What a fun time. The show was spectacular. And there is something so nice about being in a giant communal setting on the lawn-the laughter of children, the grass under your toes and the beautiful music and lights. 



I was riding through Eagle Rock reservation the other day and snapped a few photos as we wound down the narrow switchbacks. There is something so magical about fog-the way it ghosts large portions of the landscape, while making some take center stage. The gray provides a perfect backdrop to the verdant greens. It's a fleeting work of art, really.