The GIGANTIC shoe!

My art was recently selected for a really fun public sculpture project at Bloomingdales. Over the next few weeks I will be painting, constructing and papier mache-ing an enormous 6 foot shoe which will ultimately sit on the sales floor of the Short Hills Bloomingdales shoe department! I am attaching a photo of my design process-including the sketches I submitted for the project. Guess which one they chose?

Reception details to come. :)


Spotting an old Woolworth store!

Several years ago, as I was heading home from the beach, I passed what was clearly an old Woolworth storefront. It had the telltale red front with art deco touches at the edges-as well as the enormous plate glass windows lining the entire front. I vaguely remembered that it had been turned into some sort of antique mall.

This week, it popped into my head and since i was already down in Spring Lake, I sought out to find it. It resides in Point Pleasant and is practically untouched. Still has the W monogram on the entry tiles and those endlessly long fluorescent bulbs hanging from the tin ceilings. What a great space! It was also fun to poke around in the store to see products that were probably sold as  "new" from that era. So fun!