On teaching

In between growing a business, making final edits on a manuscript (again) and some much needed R&R pool time, I taught a few classes this summer. I enjoy getting students excited about creating. Here are some pics from a 4-week Mill class I dubbed “Floral Pop”. In it, we explored lots of unusual techniques to create florals. There are always a few students that really dive in and experiment, which delights me to no end! :)

Will miss seeing these ladies. Such a great group.


Good ol' Pet Rocks!

Who doesn't love making one of these? I am sharing the work of some very imaginative kindergarteners. We had a lot of fun making these last week. There should be a few more but I think they are still drying. Never give a child too much paint. lol


MAM Art Truck!

So one of my part time gigs is teaching at the local art museum and yesterday I did an event at the Montclair Public Library where we made a craft project on the plaza. My friend Bruce drove the MAM Art truck but it was only when we were leaving that it dawned on me that this was a converted ice cream truck!!!!!! We drove through the streets with that classic chiming music playing and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Want a Fudgesicle© kiddo? Sorry, only art supplies! But we can help you create something cool! ;)



I just finished teaching my illustration class for the MILL. I really love this group of women! We worked on everything from food and floral to people and for our last class...SHOES! So much fun. It's so nice to work in such a bright room too-overlooking the pond at Edgemont Park. 



Snapped this pic of the ladies working...


We had a lot of fun. I sometimes forget how much I enjoy teaching. I've been told numerous times how I got someone excited about art. That means a lot to me. I was sad to part ways with all these great women. We had so much fun. Already miss them. 

Matisse Workshop!

Taught a workshop last weekend called "Painting with Scissors"-which ties into the wonderful show going on now at the Montclair Art Museum. If you are a Matisse fan, you MUST go! In addition to many originals, the show also has numerous works of artists who were inspired by Matisse. So gorgeous! 

We had a great group and I was so impressed with what each person created! And of course, I just had to take a group pic! :)