A Second "midsummer"

Everyone's talking about the unseasonably warm temps here in the Northeast. I was in the city yesterday and had one of my meetings outside in Bryant Park. We actually had to switch tables three times because the sun grew too strong! But it was nice to see so many people basking in the warmth. Seems everyone was eating their lunch outside.

Then I headed over to Random House where I swooned over all the vintage books in their lobby! Astrid Lindgren, Hans Christian Anderson and many more! I had to be careful not to be late to my appointment! 


I was riding through Eagle Rock reservation the other day and snapped a few photos as we wound down the narrow switchbacks. There is something so magical about fog-the way it ghosts large portions of the landscape, while making some take center stage. The gray provides a perfect backdrop to the verdant greens. It's a fleeting work of art, really.