yes. yes. YES!

I love this quote. If you are feeling down, go help someone. If your life is rich with abundance, share it with someone. If you have nothing to give financially, give your time. We can always help others! If your schedule is too busy, do simple things like help a neighbor, donate unused clothing to a charity, bring magazines to your local veterinarian, radiology office or emergency waiting room, as many of the people there could use the distraction. Any time life gets hard, I make a point to remember that it’s even harder for someone else out there.

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The past few weeks have been challenging. But if there is one bit of wisdom I can glean from all this is that I have wonderful people in my life. Today marks three weeks on crutches. To say it's been rough is putting it mildly. I've tried to keep my sense of humor and laugh each time I drop one of my crutches or spill something, but there are days I want to scream.

I've discovered I am the absolute worst at asking for help. Some of my friends have also discovered this and brought me groceries, given me rides and recently stolen my laundry. lol The worst part of all this has been the isolation. I already work from home so there are many hours of solo time normally...but I usually am out and about. I miss working out, going to NYC and just generally walking around town. My big field trip these days is to the mailbox. And yesterday, sandwiched between utility bills and junk mail was the sweetest card from one of my students last fall. She is a special person and one of those kind souls that you like immediately. We have kept in touch over the months and I think she might be the only person who reads my blog. ha!!! So Marilyn K, thank you so much! Your card meant so much and brought a smile to my face.

I am grateful for people like you. xoxo. k