Vera Neumann at MAD

Saw a great show at the Museum of Arts and Design last week. “Vera paints a scarf”-all about textile artist Vera Neumann (aka-the artist who signed everything she did with “Vera” and a ladybug! As an extra bonus I ran into former Montclair Art Museum colleague Petra Pankow, who now runs their education programming there. Such a sweetheart. Go see the show!


On teaching

In between growing a business, making final edits on a manuscript (again) and some much needed R&R pool time, I taught a few classes this summer. I enjoy getting students excited about creating. Here are some pics from a 4-week Mill class I dubbed “Floral Pop”. In it, we explored lots of unusual techniques to create florals. There are always a few students that really dive in and experiment, which delights me to no end! :)

Will miss seeing these ladies. Such a great group.


Summer 2019 Part 1

No secret that I LOVE summer! I have been having the best time with friends-from outdoor concerts and trips to the beach to watercolors by the pool, reading, cheering on 2 different friend’s new books and just lots of time creating, writing and hanging with good people. We are a little more than halfway through—and I am so busy working on a new business idea (more to come on that!) but I am still planning on more fun ahead. :)