Road trip and Dad's 80th celebration

Fun weekend in Plymouth! We all got together to ring in my father's big 8-0! And what could be more fun than a ferry over to P-town? lol!!! It was a cool day and rainy but we still managed to have a lot of fun. How can you not have fun with drag queens and art galleries and bars every ten steps? The captain of the ferry made a special announcement on the loudspeaker and so many people in town saw the shirts I made and hugged my dad. So sweet. We got some family photos on a very windy dock and all had our share of amazing seafood. I just adore my dad and it was nice to see him have such a good time.


slow down and look

One of the most beautiful treasures in Montclair is the Avis Campbell Gardens. I go there all year long and there is always something different blooming each season (except winter). It's tucked away and I love to see when people first stumble upon it. Absolutely gorgeous. I went Friday with my watercolor class and it was so nice to paint outside with nothing but chirping birds and the sound of the water fountain babbling away...Sure beats sitting in front of my computer!

My parents visited this past week so I spent a lot of time walking in the park with my dad each morning. From turtles, geese, cardinals, ducks and egrets to every assortment of dog I was in critter heaven. And then there was just the sheer beauty of spring unfolding everywhere.